“Niveus was born out of the idea to put together the noble, aromatic elegance of Sauvignon with the delicate immediacy of our Garganega grape. I am proud to say that it is a very successful product: our customers demand it year after year.”
Giorgio Bennati

Grape varieties
Sauvignon and Gargagnega

Production region
Hilly areas in the Veneto region

Alcohol: 12.50 % vol.


Tasting notes
Bright yellow wine, very nice and cool; it has a very intense bouquet and fine, with vegetable notes typically sage and tomato leaves mixed with other, more fruity and delicate notes.
The finish is slightly bitter, a typical feature Garganega grapes

Food pairings
Perfect as an aperitif, excellent with fish starters, velloutés, soups, risotti and dishes with aromatic herbs

Service temperature: 8-10°C

Bottle recommended
Wide glass