Annibale Bennati

Annibale Bennati

Annibale Bennati

Aldo Bennati

Annibale Bennati

Ezio Bennati

In our Winery we have always believed that the key to success lies in teamwork: comparing, sharing, being loyal and being flexible as well as passionate about what we do. This key to success has now passed on to the fourth generation.

Giorgio Bennati

Consistency has been handed down from generation to generation,
proud of the name I bear

Claudio Bennati

Every day we focus on clear, simple objectives... Being part of a team, respecting the work of everyone, making a wine to be proud of and to honour the name of a winery that is an essential part of our life.
Everything else comes in second places.

Paolo Bennati


The art of winemaking is a journey that offers unique sensations,
taking you to timeless places: it is the privilege of creating emotions...
And only a great team can do this.