“Soave is the most important wine here, with such strong ties to our history that we decided to call it by its Latin name, that is, “Libet”.
What I like the most about its bouquet is its mineral and flowery scents, the very same perfumes of the ground and of the wild flowers from our hills.
But there’s something more: sweeter notes of tropical fruit, and an almond finish.”
Giorgio Bennati

Grape varieties
Garganega 100%

Production region
Hilly area surrounding Soave

Alcohol: 12.50 % vol.


Tasting notes
straw yellow colour with golden nuances;
wine with well-balanced acidity and good structure.
Intense note of almond and tropical fruit; excellent persistence on the palate

Food pairings
Perfect with pasta, fish and eggs

Service temperature: 8-10°C

Bottle recommended
Wide glass